should I buy a lab-grown diamond

Should I Buy A Lab-Grown Diamond?

Picking a lab-grown diamond for any engagement or as a gift for the loved ones is a big decision. After all, this is diamonds we are talking about not any this and that gemstone. It not only is the most special gem of all but it also costs us significantly, and naturally. We want the exact valuation of the money that we are going to pay for. But, it’s not an easy task to buy a diamond as it requires a lot of understanding and knowledge for it. Which is not available to most of the people.

There are a lot of rumours too, associated with the stones. Which have an effect on their look about in the jewel industry. One must have heard about things like lab-grown diamonds are man-made and hence they are the “fake” diamonds. Or things, like they are not at all valuable like a natural diamond, should be. But, here we assure our readers to provide information about lab-grown diamonds that are legit and trustable.

Should One Buy A Lab-Grown Diamond?

should one buy a lab-grown diamond

Here comes the big question. We here, by no means, are going to pass on the decision on behalf of anyone. What we shall be providing is the facts and information based on legitimate proofs and sources. We shall also be providing the pros and cons of opting for lab-grown diamonds. Such will help oneself in answering the question by themselves.

Advantages to Buy Lab-Grown Diamond

advantages to buy lab-grown diamond


One of the big reasons or benefits of lab-grown diamonds is their price. Lab-grown diamonds are produce under expert supervision inside laboratories and the process of creating them requires technologically advanced machines and equipment. But, if compared to the natural diamond mining process the investment in the case of lab-grown diamonds is far lesser. And that is exactly why they cost significantly lesser than the naturally form diamonds. To be exact, one can save up to 30 percent if they opt for lab-grown diamonds in place of the natural ones. The efficiency goes way up if the preference of diamond is a colored one as colored natural diamonds are extremely rare and hence are more costly than the colorless ones. Now, who would not like to get the same quality but at a cheaper price?

Blood Diamonds:-

With the conflict of “blood” diamonds, one thing that is very prominent in the mind of the consumers is the place of origin of the diamond. In the case of lab-grown diamonds, one can be 100 percent sure about their source of origin. And can also be certain that they in any way are not connected with any form of unethical sources.

Color Diamond:-

They are easily available and provide a variety of options to the buyer in terms of their fluorescence or color. But such is not the case for the naturally mine diamonds. A colored diamond produced naturally falls more on the rare side. And hence often is more expensive and over the price and in certain cases; almost unavailable.

Same as Natural Diamond:-

They are the diamonds for the “new” world. Here, the word new simply signifies the modern aspect of lab-grown diamonds. Just imagine, how much cooler it is to own a diamond. Which is exactly like a natural one but it is form inside a laboratory, artificially. They showcase modern love and are also a thing of a trend in the field of fashion and jewelry. This is exactly why nowadays, big screen faces and personalities also prefer lab-grown diamond pieces of jewelry over the natural ones.

Eco Friendly:-

They are the better option in terms of environmental sustainability. It can simply be understood by comparing the processes of production of both types. The lab-grown ones are created inside labs whereas the natural ones are dug out from deep within the earth’s surface. The latter needs more energy and time and resources than the earlier one. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds need somewhere near about two weeks to form. Whereas the natural ones are formed over more than 3 billion years.

Pro’s & Con’s Lab-Grown Diamond

pros and cons of lab-grown diamond

Lower The Mining Impact:-

It is not particularly a disadvantage but is a matter one should think about. Lab-grown diamonds do not help in the cause of the diamond recycling business. A naturally grown diamond can be recut and reused for a long period. Which helps in lower the impact of the mining business and hence helps in decreasing its impact on the environment.

Lab-grown Diamond is Real Diamond:-

Many people simply can misunderstand the term “lab-grown” to something fake. People are naïve and they generally tend to build up their beliefs based on spreading rumors. Due to such a misconception that is present in the diamond jewelry field. People may just underappreciate a lab-grown diamond. Due to its source of origin excluding the fact that they are equally valuable. And similar to that of the natural ones and showcase the exact qualities like them.

Replacement Of Original:-

Natural diamonds often bring with them tradition and history. There may certainly be a rich history of year-old tradition included with a naturally formed diamond. On the other hand, such romanticism is not associated with a lab cultivated stone. As it almost seems like they are “heartless” and something that is form just as a replacement of the “original” though such is not the case.

Not Unique As Natural Diamond:-

Lab grown diamonds might just not feel exactly unique like those of the naturally produced ones. This is because each natural diamond has something of a unique story. And history behind it and with the added value due to their rarity which overall increases their uniqueness. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are produced under artificial circumstances in bulk amounts in manmade diamond laboratories.

Look-alike :-

There is a difference between lab-grown diamonds and diamond stimulants. If one does not be careful enough to know the difference between the two. They may easily get fooled and just buy a diamond look-alike in place of a lab-grown diamond given the fact. That the stimulants and exactly similar looking and very cheap from the lab-grown diamonds.

After going through the facts and information above; the decision, of course, lies on the customer’s hand. It is suggested not to get pressured or persuaded by anyone or by following any false guides.

The decision should be based upon one’s feel, peace of mind, and budget for the diamond whatever it may be. It is always recommend to know and analyze every bit of information. That one can gather about both the types of diamonds available. One should always go for that option which suits according to one’s personal choice and lifestyle.

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